LOYADE helps you get the most out of your manufacturing data. We provide software and services to help factories deliver on the promise of Big Data and complex data infrastructures:
[1] 5CMT Softwares:
· Manpower Lifecyle Management Rectifying System(MLMRS);
· Organization Lifecyle Management Testing System(OLMTS);
· Business Lifecyle Management Extensible System(BLMES);
· Product Lifecyle Management Executive System(PLMES);
· Knowledge Lifecyle Management Expert System(KLMES).
[2] H2HT Platforms:
· Building communities of technology to connect professional engineers, factory users and students;
· Human Lifecyle Management Optimized System(HLMOS) inside.


LOYADE Intelligent Manufacturing System Architecture consists of Manpower(Human & Robot), Organization, Business, Product, Knowledge and their based IT cloud platform.
LOYADE provides middlewares and deeply customized applications for manufacturing requirements.

  • Manpower
  • Organization
  • Business
  • Product
  • Knowledge
  • Platform

Big Data Platforms

LOYADE has trusted Big Data experts to solve problems, set strategy and develop solutions for intelligent manufacturing;
IDPOW: Industrial Data Platform On Web
ICDAP: Industrial Control Data Analysis Platform
ICABD: Industrial Control And Big Data
ICPAX: Industrial Control Programming And Extensions
DLUTA: Dalian University of Technology Automation
IPRAZ: Intellectual Property Right And TRIZ


LOYADE devotes to manufacturing and education.


Welcome to DaLian, China.

IAAS Cloud Service

Name Description Price
Basic CPU*1; RAM 1G; BW: 1M 599
Professional CPU*2; RAM 4G; BW: 3M 2999
Enterprise CPU*4; RAM 8G; BW: 5M 5999
Platform CPU*8; RAM 16G; BW: 10M; 9999
Super CPU*8; RAM 16G; BW: 10M; (Group*10) 99999

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